Department of Excise, Entertainment & Luxury Tax, Govt. of Delhi
On 20th June 2018(Wednesday) only Hotel, Club, Restaurant and Motel users will be able to apply Adhoc Purchase Order (IL) between 11:00 AM-11:30 AM.             Any Inventory for Liquor Category- 'Beer' of Liquor Type- 'Indian Liquor' approved by Bond Inspector after 10AM (including 10AM) would be available for View & Purchase Order (PO) after 10AM next day.             Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Placing Purchase Order (PO) for Indian Liquor wef 13th June 2018 Evening. Click here to view order             Wef 13th June 2018, if the Licensee has raised a Purchase Order (PO) for Liquor Type- 'Indian Liquor', then the respective Licensee will not be able to apply for further PO for any SKU of Liquor Type- 'Indian Liquor' till the time the applied PO gets approved / rejected.             Wef 13th June 2018, Mandatory One Time Password (OTP), which will be sent on Registered Mobile Number of Licensee, will be required to enter while Applying for Purchase Order-IL.            This is for the information that the maximum limit of number of Cases of Indian Liquor (IL) per SKU that can be ordered in a PO has been changed to 150.             All Licensees are requested to update(if required) their respective Registered Mobile Number (RMN) by logging into system and following these steps: Click 'Manage Profile' -> Click 'Edit ' -> Enter the updated Mobile Number -> Click 'Update Profile' . System will show a confirmation message once the update is successful.             Liquor Stock against Transport Permits shall mandatorily be received through scanning of 1D Barcode and sold by scanning 2D Barcode through scanning device. Sale without scanning is completely banned.             Applications are invited for L1- Indian Liquor and L1F- Foreign Liquor, for Excise Year 2017-2018.             Public Notice for L1- Indian Liquor for Excise Year 2017-2018 w e f 01-01-2018 Click here to view order            Public Notice of Dry Day 2018 Click here to view order           
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