Department of Excise, Entertainment & Luxury Tax, Govt. of Delhi
All Holders of Licences in form of L-6/L-6FG, L-10 are required to submit their requests for renewal of Licences commencing w.e.f. 01/04/2024. All HCR Licensees are directed to deposit there pending Incremental dues if any,immmediately, as all HCR licences will be extended/renewed beyond March, 2024, only after paying the incremental dues. Please ignore if already paid. All HCR licensees are directed to upload their valid link licenses immediately, in "provide additional details" tab available in ESCIMS portal for smooth extension/renewal of license. Please ignore if already done.            All HCR licensees are directed to deposit there pending Incremental dues if any, immediately, as all HCR licences will be extended /renewed beyond September, 2023, only after paying the incremental dues.            The new functionality of Transport permit re-validation will be effective from 11th August 2023 for all corporation vends as well.All user are required to comply with the same.            ESCIMS HHT application is tested and supported on Honeywell and Zebra            All Licensees may pay their Incremental dues under payment option after login in their ESCIMS portal.            All Licensees may pay their Stock Reconciliation(SR) dues in their respective Miscellaneous Head.            Kindly upgrade your browser. Going forward will only work on versions on or onwards of Microsoft Edge 15, Chrome 70, Mozilla Firefox 73.            EXCISE SUPPORT will be available on following numbers:- (i) 7838211809 and (ii) 9811287204.            Auto renewal for following M&TP licenses has been made online.L-4,L-5,L-25,L-26,L-27,L-34,L-35,P-2,P-3,P-4,P-5,P-6,DD-9.            Monthly Return form F-31 and Yearly return form F-32 of M&TP has been made online.            W.e.f 01/09/2020, L-7 and L-10 Licensees can now see their daily opening logical inventory(SKU-wise) and daily scanned sale of previous day in the Reports section on ESCIMS.            Now for Invalid Barcodes there is a different tone.This is to help you distinguish the invalid stock so that the same is not sold from the vend.For sound to be heard, sound card and volume of the computer should be on.            Online ticketing system is available for Distileries/bonds w.e.f. 05.03.2020. Request you to refer FAQ's & User Manual for the same.            IL IPs and IL & FL TPs are now auto approved            Warehouse to mark physical stock recieving 'Yes'/'No' of Dispatched TP'sof Previous days for Vends(L7/L10&L12)/(HCRM/ which are on central /Core ESCIMS System. Failing which appropriate action will be taken against Warehouse            All retailers are directed to update stock register on daily basis; non compliance will be viewed seriously.            It is hereby directed that P-10 permit is to be issued to registered venue / premises only. To see the registered premises click on Homepage / LoginPage --> 'P-10 Premise List'. Any violation shall attract strict action as per Delhi Excise Act, 2009 and rules made there under.            To Check Day Wise Sale Report GoTo-->SCM-->Pos-Day Wise Sale Report-->Select Date-->Submit            There is a change in the process where L31 has been given the option to decline due to specific reason the PO applied by the Retail Vends except Corporations & HCR Licensees.            TSRM ticket tool has been launched for Corporation, Private vends, Departmental stores and HCRM.            It is reiterated that sale of liquor through all retail outlets has to be done through scanning ONLY (as per Circular No. 231-238 Dated 16.01.2018 ). Action will be taken in case of any difference found in the physical stock and logical inventory as per ESCIMS on any retail outlet (Vends,Hotels,Clubs,Restaurants or Motels)            Liquor Stock against Transport Permits shall mandatorily be received through scanning of 1D Barcode and sold by scanning 2D Barcode through scanning device. Sale without scanning is completely banned.            
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Licensees are requested not to use any kind of script or tool, software application and/or automated tool to access the ESCIMS portal except accessing through a human/ manually entering the details.


Licensees are requested not to divulge their User-ID / Password of ESCIMS login to any other person(s).


Licensees are hereby directed to access to and/or use of ESCIMS portal in compliance with guidelines procedures and instructions related to the proper use of ESCIMS portal as notified from time to time by the Department of Excise, Delhi.


In case of any breach or non observance by Licensee of any of these terms and conditions, the department may terminate the license, and/or restrict the licensees access to ESCIMS portal and use of this site without any notice.

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